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Investing in the skills and development of your employees is Integral to the future success & performance of the organisation. It supports workforce planning,  organisational transformation & career development to meet the business where skills will be required.

Strategy & transformation

Learning Organisational redesign & Transformation

Are you setting up a  new Learning function or needing to restructure or centralise the existing into a more effective COE. supporting the businesses priorities? We'll focus on a multi-pronged approach looking at People, Priorities, Process, Programs, Technology & Culture and deliver on a strategy and plan.


Learning campaigns

Do you need to create a brand, messaging and learning campaign to launch a Learning program or strategic priority internally and externally inline with business strategies? We'll work with your business to connect the dots and create a business aligned campaign.


Supporting Business transformation

Do you need a Learning strategy and plan to support an organisational or digital transformation requiring new business skills? We'll partner with your business teams to create a robust plan for execution.

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Leader & Team development

Team learning sessions

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My Top tips for L&D

You know the feeling, you walk into a business meeting, and everyone says “Great, here’s the L&D team, we need training to help the situation”
You smile sweetly, and nod, knowing that training is not always the answer, but you want to appear as useful and valuable as possible and be seen as accommodating.

Think Business & not Learning!

Spend as much time with the business. Get invited to meetings, talk the jargon and be visible!

We have no time to learn!

How do you respond? Ask them what they think Learning actually is.

Invest in Self-service 

Creating a self-serve culture helps pro-active learners , and gives each learner the opportunity of choice based on their needs and motivation.

Find the Golden thread

Know and understand why the business is heading in the direction, and translate it for the functions you work with. Weave it through.

Learning is not something you do to the business

Move from courses to solutions and get creative!

Do you talk Learning & Performance?

Get better at identifying Performance outcomes to help the business define where they need to go, and how you will help them get there quickly

Take time to understand the user

Step through the user’s day and week. Why do they do things a certain way? What tools & systems do they use? What challenges do they face every-day, and what slows them down.

Stop L&D jargon

Don't assume your business knows what you are talking about - LMS, Micro-Learnings, LXP, etc... Articulate in business terms

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