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Stop comparing yourself?

Keeping up with the Jones’s, is a term that we still hear in society. New car, new clothes, new house, new body, new job the list goes on.

When I was younger, I used to constantly compare myself with people I worked with, and I set myself (some unrealistic) expectations of what I would earn and the title I would have by a certain youngish age. I needed to keep up with others.

And when I did not achieve it, it ate into my self-esteem, my confidence. I worried more, and rather than focusing on upping my performance I just focused on competing with others which was emotionally draining.

Don’t get me wrong, having aspirations and goals is great, as long as they are realistic!

Just recently I found out what I had, and what millions of people have today: Status anxiety!

Keeping up and comparing ourselves with others traps us and we create a skewed representation of success which does not belong to us.

We don’t know how others have achieved what they have, who they know, and why it’s so important to them.

In our fight to be someone else, we sacrifice family life, we bite back and argue more, we exhaust ourselves, we withdraw, we worry more, and it impacts our well-being and health which is not good for business. We may even have a career crisis!

I say, make your own definition of success, be thankful for what you have, remember what is important to YOU, and what you are capable of and what you can achieve.

Status anxiety and its impact to well-being is very real! Turn the noise down and focus!

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