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I like my Boss!

I recall the best boss I had. Even to this day and many years after it is a good feeling and I thank him. I thank him for giving me the opportunity to have a career and a family. When the going got tough for me, being a mother, loving my job but having to juggle that with two young children, I thought the only option was to pack it in. Resignation in one hand, I explained it was not the job, the company, I just could not do it all.

He told me to sit, and that we should see if we can find another option, even it is temporary for a while. He empathized with my situation, wanted to see if we could work this out.

He was a boss who made me feel valued. He was empathetic, recognised my worth and me as a person. A boss who took time to see my situation, and a boss who recognised my love of my job. We did work it out, and I am deeply grateful to him till this day

He taught me a lot about what a good boss is about and helped to in still those that in me with my teams.

And the worst, well what can I say, unappreciative of my efforts, stressed, untrustworthy, allowing me to dis-engage deeper and deeper without a helping hand or feedback. If they only realised how their actions and words transported onto my opinion of the company and how I took my skills and expertise elsewhere leaving a void for them to fill.

If only they realised what I will remember them for.

We all know the Maya Angelou saying

“people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

SO now and again I think what my team will remember me for. But to be honest it does not matter. People will leave when they have served their purpose, and most will forget you for the success’s you have achieved. What they won’ forget is how you have made them feel many years later.

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