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Did you just micro-assault me?

Many years ago, I was on the receiving end of a micro-aggression, or as I call it now “Micro-assault” but did not realise it, and just laughed it off and smiled sweetly typical for a woman my colour in front of a Senior white male executive.

Micro-aggressions were not a widely spoken about term back then. I would not have even known what it was back then.

Fast forward and with the advent and focus around Diversity & Inclusion, these subtle but intentional and sometimes unintentional words, actions or behaviours are top conversations.

But will you really know when you have been on the receiving end of that subtle rudeness which demeans a person’s racial heritage or identity.

So, I go back to the micro-aggression, many years ago from a Board executive. We started talking about travel. I mentioned my love of Greece, as a child loving all the Greek stories, and pretending I was a Greek goddess.

To which he responded “You did know that the Greek goddesses were all fair didn’t you”

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