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People don't leave companies they leave managers

Managers are the drivers behind productive, inclusive, engaged and happy work cultures. They can make or break an employee and in turn the reputation of the company. 

We are  seeing a rise in "the New Manager" syndrome whereby individuals are thrust in a role with no on the job support. Throw in leading with inclusivity, it gets a whole deal more complex. 

Fix it now before your Retention & Brand is impacted!

Corporate Manager development

Helping you develop the Inclusive leaders of the future, and cultivate your talent in house.

How are your New managers doing?

No really, are they setting the right tone and engaging  your employees?

Get it wrong, and they could be hurting employee wellness, inclusion, productivity, retention and brand.

Let's set your New Managers up for success, and help them find their Leadership style with confidence.

Access the brochure for program content.


For individuals - So you want to be a manager, well it's not about you anymore!

It's not easy being a new manager, and stepping

from “I to We” “Execution to Delegation”

Talking Strategy, Budgets, Performance  and developing the Team.


Most New managers struggle and lack confidence.

They suffer in silence and don’t want to ask for help.

Get prepared for the leadership journey.

Find your management style and confidence.

Inspire & engage your team.

Know what Inclusion looks like.

Join the New Manager Group Development & Coaching Program: Group Kick off November 2023.

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