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Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Brooke Cagle

People don't leave companies they leave managers

Managers are the drivers behind productive, inclusive, engaged and happy work cultures. They can make or break an employee and in turn the reputation of the company. 

We are  seeing a rise in "the New Manager" syndrome whereby individuals are thrust in a role with no on the job support. Throw in leading with inclusivity, it gets a whole deal more complex. 

Inclusive leadership is not just about Surface level stuff, it's deeply ingrained in how you lead, and not necessarily what you do!

Fix it now before your Retention & Brand is impacted!

Inclusive leadership Capability


What is an inclusive leader anyway.
It's more about the HOW rather than the WHAT.
We have identified Eight Inclusive leadership capabilities which every leader must be aware of.
Awareness & education is the first step.
But embedding these in the every-day is more critical which is why On the job personalised coaching is a core part of our program.

Coaching is the most effective way to develop the right inclusive manager capabilities on the job! It provides targeted feedback, exploration and more importantly helping 

   leaders and managers to find the solution and answers themselves. However our program always starts with the TEAM & MANAGER LISTENING.

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