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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DE&I Strategy development

Are you looking to focus more on the Diversity of your organisation, as we know that this fosters more creative and diverse thinking and outputs. However it's not as easy as just "say" hiring more diverse talent. You will want to keep them and retain them and demonstrate your REAL comitmment to this through your policies, programs, messaging, leadership and more...

We'll partner with you to get to know your current priorities and why DE&I is important to you.

We will ask the questions to assess how ready your organisation is for DE&I.

If this is a true comittment from your side, we’ll then focus on defining your DE&I strategy and success metrics

We'll make recommendations and create an action plan relevant for your organisation!

We'll recommend programs and initiatives to embed the DE&I culture.

In addition:

We'll look at your Leadership culture and recommend options to embed "Inclusive Leadership" and "Workplace happiness"

We'll identify areas of Messaging to drive the importance of "DE&I" internally and externally, as well as creating a connectivity across DE&I.

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