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You own your Career, no one else does!

I know women doubt themselves, their ability, they self-sabotage which holds them back. 

But you need to take control and ownership of your career because no one else will, and no one else will care.

That's why my Coaching is  REAL, based on business, and there will be no Sugar-coating. 

I only work with ambitious and dedicated women who REALLY want to move forward and upwards.

That's why we will have an initial meeting to discuss and determine whether there is a match for both of us.

Coaching & Mentoring focus

I have made it my mission to drive better career experiences within workplaces, and prepare women (and men) to navigate and manage the challenging workplace with its personalities.

I talk from experience, challenges and as a mother and International leader!

Personalised Career Coaching.
Supporting women into and in the workplace


Katie was an immense help to me in my job search. I haven't worked in a corporate environment in several years and was lacking in confidence. Katie helped me to assess my strengths and renew my confidence. She worked with me to update my CV and LinkedIn profile and was invaluable when it came to interview prep. I now have a job that I'm really excited about!. Shauna

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