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Personalised Career Coaching.
Supporting women into and in the workplace


Katie was an immense help to me in my job search. I haven't worked in a corporate environment in several years and was lacking in confidence. Katie helped me to assess my strengths and renew my confidence. She worked with me to update my CV and LinkedIn profile and was invaluable when it came to interview prep. I now have a job that I'm really excited about!. Shauna

Navigating the world of business is tricky, especially if you are a woman.

I'm a business coach, and mentor with real-world experience focused in supporting women at all stages of their career, but especially "Woman returners" 

Because of my business background, you'll get a rare mix of insights, mentoring and coaching based on the real world of business, This is not Text book like so many other coaches. And I don't sugar-coat either, so we can make progress quicker!

I can relate. I'm a business leader,  a mother and a wife and understand the importance of getting the balance to achieve "CAREER HAPPINESS" Oh, and like everyone it has not all gone great, but i've only been made stronger by the failures.


Can't wait to work with you and get this started!
Katie DaCosta 

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Let's make the change

I know women doubt themselves, their ability, they self-sabotage which holds them back. I help women at all stages of their career to gain career clarity, confidence, personal as well as business change!

I want to get to know the real you first, which may make you a little tearful to begin with, but that's progress!

We will get to know each other first in an initial chat and see if there is a match for both of us, followed by a personalised coaching plan to suit you. I can't wait to help you succeed!

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Where are you now?

You may be a woman returner to work after a career break, and have lost career confidence

You may be at a cross roads and need clarity in your career focus and the actions to take.

You may want to progress in your role but don't know how, and what you need to do to get recognised.

You may be lacking confidence which is holding you back to speak up and ask for what you deserve.

You may be having challenges with business peers, working relationships and can't move forward.

You may be looking to step into management, and will benefit from my management coaching.. I've been a manager and leader internationally, so am well placed to support you.

Or you may already be a leader, and need coaching in the every-day.

I offer focused Coaching programs for all stages of your Career so that you gain confidence, build your brand, CV, and can approach the career challenges to help you move forward.

Coaching & Mentoring focus

I support all women to gain career clarity and outcomes across three key areas. I focus on these because I can relate based on experience, want to create confident women, and have made it my mission to drive better career experiences within workplaces!

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