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Women get back to work Coaching program
Starting 01st March 2023


Have you taken a career break for whatever the reason, and you are now itching to get back into the workplace.

I’ve been talking about the challenges women in particular have in making that mental and physical leap back into the workplace. Many of these women have held senior roles before but the time away has knocked confidence and in some the fear of integrating back into the workplace.
Listen, your career break for whatever reason was valuable and you are still the same professional woman with your achievements.
The right organisations need and want your diverse insights, wisdom and experience, and the world of work has not left you behind.
👺 We just need to scare those confidence gremlins away.
If so, join me and other amazing women in the “Women get back to work” group coaching program specifically targeted to get you “Work ready and Return-ship ready”

Get Job ready, returnship ready & workplace ready!
Let's return together.

Across eight weeks, we will focus on specific areas to get you taking action and moving forward with your job strategy and job success.
We’ll focus on action across:
1)   Confidence, beliefs, values and non-negotiables
2)   Making it work within your control with home and work
3)   Professional re-positioning, possibilities, CV & LinkedIn profiles
4)   Job search strategies, interview preparation & follow up

Register your interest here by filling in the contact form.

Get on the waitlist.

We start as a group on 1st March. Timings will be confirmed once we finalise where everyone is from.

Once we receive your information, you'll get an overview of the coaching program, dates and times.

8 live coaching sessions where you'll be part of a group focused on key topics and activities.

And everyone will get a free personalised mock interview session for a job they have applied to or to a job they have an interview for.


Limited spaces
2 payment options. available.

I want to be part of the Women get back to work program!

Get your name down for the start of the program here. Further details will be sent. 

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Thanks for your interest. You are on your way to returning to the workplace! Can't wait to work with you. We will be in touch!

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