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Office Building
Office Building

Developing effective and Inclusive workplace cultures through your brilliant leaders!

More than ever we are seeing the rise of the ineffective and toxic workplace culture.

It’s all over Social Media, and employees are leaving organisations in search for something else. 

Employer brand and reputation is slowly getting eroded away, and the war to attract and retain talent even harder.

And we must recognise that the workforce has drastically changed. We now work in a multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-divergent workforce and organisations need to keep up.

Don't even start with your policies, or Diversity Equity & Inclusion strategy. You need to start building and fixing your Leadership strength, no matter where they are on their leadership journey.


Don't you think everyone should have the right to work in an environment where they feel safe, respected and productive.

Well, that is dependent on your Leaders.

Make INCLUSION not a nice to have BUT a part of the every-day!

Let's make Inclusion a part of the everyday

Employee engagement

Inclusive leadership and career growth leads to motivated, happier and healthier workplaces

Business Performance

Drive profitability by developing and motivating a skilled diverse workforce with a shared company vision


Losing those skills will impact your profitability, increase costs and decline employer brand

Customised Business Services

Leadership development

Inclusive leadership  

On the job Coaching

New Manager transition

Capability training

On the job Coaching 

Returning to work

Women in Leadership

Strategy development

Learning transformation

 Skills projects

Other services for you

Training Facilitation

DE&I Speaker

Custom development

Tying Shoes

New Manager development

It's not easy being a new manager, and stepping

from “I to We” and “Execution to Delegation”

You need to start talking Strategy, Budgets, Performance  and developing the Team.


Most New managers struggle and lack confidence.

They suffer in silence and don’t want to ask for help in case that makes them look weak and incapable.

And some pick up nasty habits along the way which manifest in horrible leadership styles.

Prepare your future leaders to find their management style and confidence.

Help them Inspire & engage their team.

Cement the basics of Inclusion in their every-day.

The "New Manager, it's not about you anymore" Capability training and Coaching program is modular, peer2peer based and can be embedded into your Succession plans, OnBoarding and continuous development programs.


Yes, the title reads correctly. The "Horrible Leaders" workshop is designed for your leadership teams from Executive level to Manager level.

It's time for your Leaders to get uncomfortable!

This workshop is designed to really challenge your leaders on their Bias, Assumptions and the behaviours they CHOOSE to practice, observe and fail to address on a day to day basis.

They will understand the damaging effects they are having on employee wellness, stress, retention, performance and even inter-team conflict and competition.

We are going to talk: The workplace shift, Cultural Bias, Gaslighting, Favouritism, Inequitable development and many other hot topics..

This workshop is not like others as it tackles Inclusion challenges head-on, and will require honesty and vulnerability to equate positive change.

Don't continue to be a Horrible leader!

Working at home

Career Coaching

I know women doubt themselves, their ability, they self-sabotage which holds them back.

But I know that you need to take control and ownership of your career because no one else will, and no one else will care.


That's why my Coaching is REAL, based on the reality of business today and not a Text-Book. There will be no Sugar-coating here!​I

I work with my clients on a number of areas including:

Preparation for returning to work.

CV, LI and Interview preparation.

Career transition.

Visibility in the workplace, and Women in Leadership strategies.

I only work with ambitious and dedicated women who are committed to move forward and upwards.

(I do also work with men - I don't discriminate)​

Contact for an initial meeting to discuss and determine whether there is a match for both of us.

About Katie DaCosta

After more than 20 years working as a Business leader leading Learning, Organisational development and Diversity & Inclusion across Technology, I saw the challenges of disconnected learning strategies, poor leadership, engagement and equity challenges in the workplace.

But it was the dysfunctional leaders and inequitable practices that are allowed to continue which solidified where my focus has to be.

Unfortunately many of those dysfunctional leaders were the ones in Senior positions and some were my managers who contributed to a stressful and inequitable environment for me.

I did not like what I saw or what I heard at Board level.

I did not like the fakeness of Organisations preaching about Diversity & Inclusion from a Tokenism and pretence agenda.

Our workforce is complex, and leaders must adapt and create Workplace safety and practice respectful understanding in order to remain successful. 

I've led International teams and coached/mentored women and managers.

I'm an Educator, Inclusion advocate, author and mother. 

I am all about creating effective and inclusive workplaces as this impacts a company's bottom line..

Follow me on LinkedIn to see what else I am up to.​

Katie DaCosta - Founder 

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