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Purple Nyx

Business Consulting.

Personalised Business and Career Coaching.

A business is only as great as the skills, performance, and engagement of its employees!

For organisations to evolve and deliver on their future strategies, they MUST future-proof their culture and skills.

And that includes developing an inclusive working culture which promotes Learning and career development, as well as fostering a workforce where  diverse opinions and skills matter!

We know we can't fix it all, so we are focused on transforming Learning organisations, and fostering inclusivity and respect through managers and supporting women in the workplace!

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What do we do?
We bring Learning, Leadership & Inclusion together.


After more than 20 years working as a Business leader leading Learning, Organisational development and DE&I in Global Technology organisations, I founded Purple Nyx.

It was born out of the challenges businesses have today of disconnected Learning strategies and teams, poor leadership, employee engagement issues, and the challenges faced as a woman in business!

I have led multiple Learning transformations on a global scale. Built up new Learning & DE&I functions. Led and developed Global teams, and coached and mentored culturally diverse individuals across the world.

Oh and I am flexible, honest and fun to work with.

Katie DaCosta - Founder 

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83% of millenials are actively engaged in their work when their companies foster a more inclusive work culture
Deloitte research

75 percent of survey participants said the most stressful aspect of their job was their boss.
50% employees quit their boss not the job
Gallup research

Retention rates rise 30-50% for companies with strong learning cultures

Over 75% of women feel they lack confidence and lack access to growth and development opportunities
Forbes article 2022

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